Southern Rain Anniversary Q&A

Today is the third anniversary of the publication of Southern Rain on Amazon KDP. The process has been rewarding, humbling, fun, and, on the beginning, terrifying. To celebrate, I decided to do a Q&A based off questions that I have received about the Torn Asunder Series from readers over the past three years. Obviously, there are some spoilers because this is a deep dive into details of the story. Because I would like to say thank you for all of those who have loved the series, I decided to record my responses to these questions. But please bear with me and excuse the many “um’s” and pauses because I recorded them off-the-cuff. I hope you enjoy it!

Q: What are your thoughts on Shannon’s faith journey, and tell me about that moment in the garden when Shannon hears God’s voice.

Q: Why does Shannon’s father stress to her the importance of marriage and keeping her vows when he himself has broken his own vows? Could this not be confusing for her?

Q: A storyline in the Torn Asunder series was infertility. How did you approach this difficult subject, and what were some of the ideas that went into it.

Q: Why did Phoebe have to die?

Q: Tell me about the decision to make John Thomas’s family suffer in the aftermath of the Civil War.

Q: Is John Thomas perfect?

Q: Who is Frederick’s soulmate – Marie or Elizabeth?

Q: Do Frederick and John Thomas have a bromance, and do you think they will continue to be good friends?

Q: What do you see as Shannon and John Thomas’s trajectory long-term?

Q: Adeline and Adrian are very different. I can’t put my finger quite on why their relationship works, but it does. I was wondering your thoughts on this.