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Release Date – Thank God for Mississippi

It’s official! The release date for Thank God for Mississippi is set for March 7, 2022. That means it will be in your hands in a little more than a month! You can go ahead and preorder the Kindle version by following the link below. If you do this, the book will appear in your Kindle on March 7. For paperbacks, you will be able to order the book on March 7 (or maybe a couple of days before, if you watch Amazon closely!).

At the start, my books are always just available at Amazon. Once expanded distribution kicks in, you should be able to find it available for online order at a variety of places. And as always, they are available at KU if you are a member.

Follow the link below! (Note: if the link doesn’t work just yet, go to Amazon, and type: “Thank God for Mississippi Tara Cowan,” and it should take you to it!

Public Service Announcement – Alex Rider Series has been adapted for TV!!!

I don’t know if you are familiar with the Alex Rider books, or if the popularity of the series was a phenomenon limited to my age group. I remember the series being the star of our school book fairs, starting roughly around 2002 when I would have been in the 5th grade. As millions of children across the world remember the Harry Potter Series as being the stories of their childhood that made them readers, so I remember the Alex Rider Series. I had always been a reader, but looking back, these are the books that made me a passionate reader.

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What I’ve Been Watching…

It has been a while since I’ve done an in-depth film review, so I thought I would drop in to let you know what I’ve been watching! If you’re like me, you’re always looking for good options, so hopefully you will find something to interest you here.

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Accents in TGFM

My next book is set in Middle Tennessee, which is where I’m from. I happened to think that Middle Tennessee is not often depicted in movies or shows, and that readers might like to know what we sound like! Of course, there are many different accents even in the region, so I have to do a bit of generalizing. Check out the audio below for an exploration of the accents you will hear in the book!

Coming in 2022!

Ask the Historian #4 – Statues (Or “Forrest Rested Here”)

Every morning on my way into work in a small, beautiful Middle Tennessee town, I pass an official state historical marker that reads, “Forrest Rested Here.”  Nathan Bedford Forrest is venerated in large circles of the two-county span that constitutes my stomping ground.  Many times, I have contemplated this as I drive from the flat farming country of one county to the slightly mountainous terrain of the next. 

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Ask the Historian #3: Politics, Historical Figures, and the Public Debate

One thing that is going to come up if we have any sort of involvement with history at all is dealing with historical figures who did bad things or do not fit modern behavioral ideals. These conversations usually get wrapped up with politics and cause a firestorm of public debate. The main point of this article is that history is usually irrelevant in any current-day political debate. Therefore, I do not push for political side-taking; rather, I advocate generally for keeping things neutral where history is concerned.

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